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We welcome you to our company Care your Wheels, we are trying to change car owner’s world by helping them meet their car hygiene needs. Whatever car you are using, irrespective of brand, make or model we are ready to help you with your car wash needs across Mysore. Covering both interior and exterior detailing, we provide you complete car wash service to give your car the spa treatment it needs. Your car will be pressure cleaned from the exterior and thoroughly vacuum cleaned from the interior. Seats and roof are dry-cleaned. Parts are not only thoroughly wiped and scrubbed clean but also polished to restore showroom like perfection such are dashboard, doors, windows, steering wheel, floor mats, hand rest etc. we also provide Doorstep Sofa and Carpet cleaning services in Mysore.

Friendly Team

We are the team of professionals and experienced people who put their best foot forward to serve you the finest. Moreover, our expert mechanics uses the state- of- the-art equipment and technology to make your experience flawless.

Reasonable price

By booking at Care Your Wheels for your car services, you can be assured of getting the deadly combination of pocket friendly and premium quality of services. We offer all the services at best possible prices without any comprise with the quality.

Fast feature Delivery

Care Your Wheels at your door step services Mysore, Firmly believe  in providing the fast and on time services to all our clients. We offer the fast and all-inclusive service to ensure that your car gets on the road in its best shape.



Our Cleaning services is widely recognized for our commitment to serving our customers while staying friendly to the environment. We have a history of excellence and dedication to our clients through providing professional and high-quality Doorstep cleaning services across Mysore .

Our Mission

Our mission is to give your automobile such a wash that gives consistent results in all types of weathers. We focus on both exterior and interior of your vehicle leave the customer satisfied and the vehicle fresh.

Our Vision

We are satisfied to see a similar shine in the eyes of the customer as that of a car washed at Care Your Wheels. We value your vehicle and all our customers and therefore we are one of the best ranked car wash companies in Mysore

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